(1) Warning cctv is in operation on this site - your movements are being recorded

(2) Warning covert cctv is in operation - your movements are being recorded

(3) Stop go back you are trespassing and are being recorded on cctv

(4) Hello please be aware that for your own safety and security cctv cameras are in operation

(5) Warning your presence has been detected security have been informed

(6) CCTV is monitoring your every move a security alert has been activated

(7) Stop the perimeter security system has been activated your movements are being recorded

(8) Warning your presence has been detected and your movements are being recorded

(9) These premises are protected by cctv cameras 24 hours a day

(10) Hello please be aware this is private property if you are not authorised please leave immediately

(11) Warning your image has been captured and the authorities notified

(12) Visitor detected - hello and welcome

(13) Welcome please feel free to look around but please note cctv is in operation

(14) Lights, camera, action - smile please your on camera right now!

(15) Welcome please feel free to look around and don't forget to ask a member of staff if you need assistance or to request a test drive

(16) Warning security system activated you are now being filmed

(17) You have been recognised as an intruder, police have been notified you are under surveillance

(18) Attention you have activated the remote security and video system you are under surveillance

(19) You have created a security alert,security are monitoring you movements on cctv - you must contact security otherwise a full scale alert will be activated

(20) This is security you have entered a protected area and are now undersurveillance

(21) Warning proceeding any further will result in an alarm activation

(22) Warning this is a restricted area if you do not have clearance please leave

(23) Please beware security guards with dogs are patrolling this site

(24) Stop now the perimeter security system is recording and transmitting your movements to a security centre - please leave now

(25)  Last warning - you have 10 seconds before the alarm sounds and the police are alerted

(26) Warning smartwater systems are active on these premises

(27) You have been identified as an intruder, the farmwatch coordinator has been alerted and images are being recorded which will lead to the police being called

(28) The owner of this property is aware of your presence leave immediately

(29) Security alert reported leave the area immediately

(30) Stop the security system has activated - proceeding further will cause an alarm to sound